Mamaway Breast Milk Storage Bag - 250ml / 20s


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  1. Complies with food packaging safety standards, BPA and plasticizer free.
  2. Sterilised with gamma rays for your peace of mind.
  3. SGS certified food grade materials, 95 degree C heat resistant, -16 decgree C cold resistant
  4. Special rip opening design for easy pouring without spilling
  5. Single direction milk flow, clean and hygenic
  6. Easy labelling, write directly on the bag with a ballpoint pen.
  7. Each box contains 20pcs of bags with capacity of 250ml

How to use

  1. Fill out label with a ballpoint pen.
  2. Tear bag open above the zip lock closure.
  3. Using your thumb and index finger, carefully squeeze the opening on either side of the zip lock closure and pull on the outside until fully opened. (Bag is sterile, do not blow or touch the inside of the bag to avoid contamination)
  4. Stand bag in a cup and pour in expressed breast milk no higher than the maximum line.(Pouring over the line may result in bag ripping as it freezes).
  5. Squeeze out the air inside the bag and seal tight, check the bag for leaks before placing in refrigerator or freezer.
  6. To prepare breast milk, warm with 50 degrees C, rip or cut bottom of the bag with clean scissors and pour into bottle.


  1. Wash hands throughly before touching the bag.
  2. Product is single use only, do not reuse.
  3. To prepare breastmilk, warm bag with 50 degrees C water.  Change water as it cools.  Do not use microwave to heat or thaw breastmilk.
  4. Heating water over 60 degrees C may reduct nutrition and active antibodies in breast milk.

Materials :  PET/LLDPE
Storage :  Keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight


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Mamaway Breast Milk Storage Bag - 250ml / 20s

Mamaway Breast Milk Storage Bag - 250ml / 20s

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