Health Guard UVC LED Sterilization Portable Air Purifier


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Product Specifications:

  • Sterilization rate of 99.99%
  • Product Size : 67*172mm
  • Package includes : Air Purifier , USB cable and User Manual
  • Dust / Smoke Removal
  • USB Output
  • High Efficiency Sterilization
  • Eco-Friendly UVC LED
  • Area coverage: 10 cubic meter; best used inside cars or office tables
  • Applicable to car, office home and travelling
  • Aromatherapy function, put a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil in the bottom section to release a relaxing scent to the area
  • Mini and portable
  • Must be used by either plugging to the wall using a USB wall plug or using a battery pack / power bank
  • Replacement Filter to be replaced every 6 months BUY HERE




How to Use:

  1. Connecting Power : Please put the air purifier into cup holder and insert USB cable into power supply. After power on, the air purifier will automatically start to work
  2. Operation Instruction : After power on, the gentle wind / strong wind / standby mode can be switched by pressing the switch. The light of the switch is blue which symbolize that the item is working.
  3. USB Output : After power on, the USB port outputs 5V-1A power, which could supply power to all kinds of portable electronic devices.

Technical Specification:

  • Input : 5V=1A UV Wavelength : 260 - 280nm USB Output : 5V=1A Aromatherapy : Sponge
  • HEPA Filter : H13 HEPA Size : 67*172mm
  • UVC LED : 2 pcs Material : Al Alloy + ABS
  • LED Life : 10000hrs Weight : 300g


  • 30 days limited warranty for service and parts.
  • The warranty does not cover unusual wear and tear, damage resulting from accident, unauthorized repairs, and products that have been removed of its serial number.
  • Scan QR code in each product to register and qualify for Warranty and After Sales service

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question : What kind of car cup holder does it support?
Answer : It supports almost all models of cars and the cup holders in car storage area. The diameter of the cup holder should not be less than 70mm.

Question : How long is the lifespan of the UVC LED?
Answer : The life of the UVC LED is 10000 hours. About 3 years.

Question : How long is the lifespan of HEPA Filter?
Answer : The life of the filter is 500 hours, However, according to the actual situation, the service life of the filter screen varies with the degree of haze pollution. It is recommended to replace the filter once every 2-3 months.

Question :Will it lead to automobile battery draining without electricity?
Answer : Please don't worry. The cigarette lighter of most vehicles will stop supplying power after parking. The air purifier will not work without power supply, it will not consume the battery power of the car.

Question : What is the principle of ultraviolet sterilization?
Answer : Ultraviolet disinfection is to destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in microbial cells by UV light of appropriate wavelength, which cause the death of cell, so that achieving sterilization and disinfection effects. This is purely physical method without side effects and secondary pollution.

Question : What's the problem with the noise of the purifier?
Answer : There are two modes for switching when the unit is working. The noise can be reduced by switching to the weak wind gear. If the unit is abnormal during operation, Please contact the dealer for testing or warranty.

Shipping Cost per Unit Classification: Tier 1

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Health Guard UVC LED Sterilization Portable Air Purifier

Health Guard UVC LED Sterilization Portable Air Purifier

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